#Not1More Deportation

Pabitra Benjamin

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Pabitra Benjamin is an queer immigrant from Nepal living in Washington D.C. She has been an organizer for immigrant rights for the last 5 years, focusing on the effects of immigration enforcement on our families. “It’s not just the immigration laws, but how we enforce them that is inhumane. I have heard of many people who are in deportation or detention because they were pulled over while they were driving or because they are on a ‘national security’ list.  It’s racial profiling that get’s them in the system towards deportation.” She is also interested in working with undocumented Nepali immigrants, whose stories of immigration and deportation are often overlooked and was inspired to take action today by SONG organizers who shut down ICE in Atlanta to highlight the 267,00 undocumented queer and trans folks living in the U.S.  “Everyone should have the right to be a part of and enjoy the freedoms of the country that they live in. The President must stop deportations, especially until there is a fair system in place for people to be part of this country.”