#Not1More Deportation

Tomas Martinez

Tomás Martínez LaVoz (640x425)

I am from Mexico, I came to the US in 2000. I was living with my brother’s family when I saw my nephew deported. That got me more involved to fight deportations and the breaking apart of families.

I have been fighting for a fair immigration reform for the last seven years, participating in marches, rallies, signing petitions, and visiting elected officials. Now we are escalating our campaign to civil disobediences. I have participated on two previous events as well; chaining myself to the White House and the Eloy detention Center in Arizona, because our communities cannot wait any longer, and the deportations and separations of families need to stop now. We are telling President Obama that if he does not stop deportations we are doing it ourselves. That is why I believe in this campaign “Not1More”, because we are focusing on the only one who can solve the deportation problem, the president, Barack Obama.