#Not1More Deportation

Xanat Sobrevilla


Xanat Sobrevilla is an organizer with the Immigrant Youth Justice League (IYJL) and Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD).  As part of IYJL she has helped organize National Coming Out of the Shadows Month in March, co-facilitated mental health workshops and Shout It Outs aimed at highlighting the importance of mental health advocacy for undocumented immigrants, and shared her coming out as undocumented story in National Coming Out of the Shadows 2012.   Xanat emigrated from Mexico City at the age of nine along with her family in 1996 as a result of an economic recession greatly influenced by foreign policies such as NAFTA.  Hoping to provide a better future for their daughters, Xanat’s parents made the difficult decision to migrate to the U.S. and make innumerable sacrifices.  She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Integrative Biology.