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Call for Submissions: Share Your Work Saying “Not1More”

“The time is now for all of us. All of us writing you this letter are in deportation proceedings. We have faced our worst fears and refused to let them conquer us. We are still here, still fighting, and still determined to win, not just for ourselves, but for all of us. We say “Ni Uno Más / Not One More.” As we fight our own deportation cases and build for a stop to deportations as the first step on the path to our political equality, we are asking you to accompany us. We ask that you produce art that illustrates both the hidden horrors of deportation and the untapped force of our community.
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Felicia, Connecticut

Inmigrantes de CT exigen respuestas durante la visita del consejero de Obama

Activistas inmigrantes entregaron una carta abierta a Felicia Escobar, principal consejera de política de inmigración del presidente Obama, durante un evento en la Escuela Fair Haven en Connecticut. Los grupos esperan arrojar luz sobre las muchas preguntas que rodean la "interrupción" de Comunidades Seguras ("S-Comm"), el programa fallido de redadas de deportación. Read more

Felicia, Connecticut

Open Letter to Obama Advisor Felicia Escobar on her Visit to New Haven

Immigrant activists and community groups will deliver an open letter to Felicia Escobar, President Obama’s top immigration policy advisor, during an event this afternoon, 4 to 7 pm, at Fair Haven School in New Haven, Connecticut. We hope to shine a light on the many questions surrounding the “discontinuation” of Secure Communities (“S-Comm”), the failed deportation dragnet program. The event with Ms. Escobar, which is organized by the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven, has been advertised as invitation-only, but we encourage local residents who are impacted by the President’s policies to attend. Read more

President Barack Obama

What Would You Ask President Obama About Immigrants’ Rights?

For quite some time, we have joined others in calling upon the President to meet directly with immigrants most impacted by his misguided deportation policy. We feel it’s important for the President to engage directly with immigrants who are struggling to achieve equality, and not just partisan lobbyists. We’ve compiled a list of questions we want answered, but we know there are many more. Will you add your questions using the hashtag: #Not1more day w/out equality? Read more

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