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“The time is now for all of us. All of us writing you this letter are in deportation proceedings. We have faced our worst fears and refused to let them conquer us. We are still here, still fighting, and still determined to win, not just for ourselves, but for all of us. We say “Ni Uno Más / Not One More.” As we fight our own deportation cases and build for a stop to deportations as the first step on the path to our political equality, we are asking you to accompany us. We ask that you produce art that illustrates both the hidden horrors of deportation and the untapped force of our community.
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Mr. President, No More Meetings About Us Without Us

Will You Cross The Picket Line?

Tune in around 10:00am on Monday and join us at the White House at 12:30.

On Monday, undocumented people are putting up a picket line at the White House calling for a boycott of any more meetings with the President unless and until undocumented people have a seat at the table.

White House staff can and should continue to receive input from anyone and everyone who has an opinion to share, but it is now well-established that the President alone will make a historic decision.

If the President still needs to be moved to do the right thing, there’s no one who can do that more effectively than someone who is counting down the days to their possible removal or has already experienced the indignities suffered in detention. Simply put, the President must negotiate directly with those people who will benefit or be harmed by his policy.

Active citizenship is at its core about participation in the democratic process. While we fight for immigrant equality, there’s a basic tenet of citizenship that we can start practicing today that doesn’t require a President’s pen or Congress’ legislation: self-representation.

It’s not a talking point, it’s a shared value and a best practice for organizing.

The immigrant rights movement is evolving, and it is high time for us all in Washington and everywhere, to evolve with it.


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