#Not1More Deportation

10 Reasons Why #Not1More Dollar Should Be Spent on 287g

Brown is Not a Crime

  1. 287(g) encourages the kind of racial profiling recently held to violate the constitutional rights of Latinos by a Federal Court in Arizona.
  2. 287(g) makes communities less safe by discouraging Latinos from reporting crimes to the police and by shredding the trust necessary for police effectiveness.
  3. The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus and Progressive Caucus has called upon Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to “finally end the ill-conceived, discriminatory 287(g) program.”
  4. The US Government Accountability Office issued a 2009 report describing the mismanagement, lack of supervision, and poor oversight of 287(g).
  5. The Office of the Inspector General issued a 2010 report describing the targeting of innocent non-criminals, a lack of state and local supervision, and insufficient training.
  6. 287(g) forces local authorities to bail out the federal government, diverting police resources from practices that actually promote public safety.
  7. Major organizations like the Police Foundation, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Major Cities Chiefs Association have expressed concerns about undermining public safety, diverting scarce resources, increasing exposure to liability and litigation, and exacerbating fear in communities.
  8. 287(g) deputizes racist, rogue Sheriffs and Police Chiefs like Joe Arpaio, who said it was “an honor” to be compared to the KKK.
  9. This is totally unacceptable: “If you don’t have enough evidence to charge someone criminally but you think he’s illegal, we can make him disappear.” Those chilling words were spoken by the former head of 287g program
  10. Hundreds of civil, labor, and human rights organizations have repeatedly called for the complete termination of 287g.

Please contact your Congressperson and Senators and tell them, “End the Discriminatory 287(g) Program!” Or use this form to automatically locate and call your Senator online.

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