#Not1More Deportation

Undocumented Workers Come Out of the Shadows to Demand A Stop to All Deportations

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Los Angeles, CA –  Undocumented immigrant workers come out and share their stories of crossing the border and their contributions to their communities in the US. They join the thousands of youth that have “come out of the shadows” in the month of March for several years now, and demand President Obama to stop all deportations now.

Two weeks ago President Obama met with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and immigration advocate groups and announced he had ordered that DHS conduct a review of its enforcement practices and identify recommendations for carrying out immigration enforcement more humanely. Workers demand more than a review, they demand concrete steps. Their families can’t wait for congress to act and expect for President Obama to use his executive power stop their suffering by halting all deportations now!

This event is prompted by the record deportations under the Obama administration which are anticipated to hit the milestone of two million removals since he took office in April. Workers and allies will also announce their plans to be one of more than 50 cities across the country that will participate on April 5th national day of action to stop ALL deportations.

WHEN:  Wednesday March 26, 2014
TIME:  9:30AM
WHERE:  Detention Center, 535 N. Alameda St. Los Angeles, CA 90012
WHO:  CLEAN Carwash Campaign, KIWA, CARECEN, CHIRLA, ROC-LA, SEIU-ULTCW, LA County Federation of Labor, AFL CIO, NDLON, St, John’s Well Child and Family Center,