#Not1More Deportation

Next Generation of Resistance: #Not1More Virtual Conference

This week marks five years since Arizona’s Governor Brewer signed SB1070 into law on April 23, 2010.
Since that time a national movement has emerged with Arizona at its epicenter confronting the Arpaio’s in our own backyards.

As we march with Puente to launch its ICE Free AZ campaign and strategize the next generation of resistance against criminalization, you can watch the recorded hang outs below.

SB1070: 5 Years later:

A discussion with leading community leaders and organizers about what the resistance has looked like post SB1070, what life is like living in post 1070 Arizona and a look into the future plans.

Desobediencia Civil y el movimiento por los derechos de migrantes.

Un panel de trabajadores indocumentados, estudiantes, y miembros de la comunidad quienes salieron de las sombras y riesgaron arresto y deportación para empujar el Presidente para poner un alto a las deportaciones.

Mujeres en el movimiento inmigrante

We Belong Together returns to Arizona five years after bringing a women’s delegation to investigate the impact of police-ICE collaboration and of laws like SB1070. Hear from delegation participants returning back from the US/Mexico border and discussing intersections between gender, race and immigration status.