#Not1More Deportation

El Paletero – Rommy Torrico

Artist: Rommy Torrico is a queer, undocumented artivist born in Iquique, Chile and currently residing in Naples, Florida.

Rommy has been involved in the (im)migrant rights struggle for several years and infuses much of their work with personal experience and the stories their community shares. Rommy is part of a grassroots initiative, the Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project, which believes in the strength our communities have and how powerful stories can really be.

Description: El Paletero is symbolic of everything our communities are; dedication, hard work, courage, strength, dignity, identity, community, joy, love and everything we are fighting to protect.

Collier County is currently one of two counties in Florida that is still under the 287g enforcement program. Countless numbers of community members are being funneled into the deportation system because of police-ICE collaboration, leaving our communities vulnerable and fearful.

But things are changing in Collier County. Fear will no longer stop us. Our voices are loud, our spirits are strong and our stories have the power to move mountains.

Artist Website: collierstoriesmatter.org

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Paletero - Rommy