#Not1More Deportation

‘I Fear but I Pray’ by Emily Hernandez

Don’t take me away one more day
I have blood without boundaries
I have skin that is torn and tattered
My heart has become a fray
Why do I suffer?

Swimming in waters
Crossing barren land
My struggles you don’t know
My feet hurt, My heart hurts, My soul hurts
My physical is strong
It won’t be long
Until they take me away

Hope for life filled
With love and kindness
With humanity that’s endless
I fear, but I pray, Please
Don’t take me away one more day

I Fear But I Pray by Emily Hernandez

Poem by Emily Hernandez
Illustration by Gwyn Henry

Description: This poem describes the imagined sentiment of an immigrant from across the border. Someone who comes to live here in the US for a better life and wishes that this life can be filled with something more than a deported threat. This poem is asking and pleading that someone will listen to the prayers.

Poet Bio: I am a registered nurse in the San Diego area and have lived here all of my life. My parents used to help the people of Mexico (migrant workers) with food and bedding in the picking fields of Carlsbad, Ca. My father used to help drive to and from the border and I even recall as a young child helping make sandwiches for next days delivery. I make tie blankets for the migrants that come over and deliver to local organizations for their proper delivery. I hope that my efforts help at least one person and I will continue the blanket making to let people know that we all care.