#Not1More Deportation

Ni Una Más by Julio Salgado

Artist: Julio Salgado

Title: #NiUnaMás – Stop All Deportations

Artist Bio: Julio Salgado lives in Berkeley, California and is the Art Director of Dreamers Adrift, a creative project documenting the struggles of undocumented youth. He arrived in California from Mexico in 1995 when he was 11 years old, and became undocumented as a child when he overstayed his visa. Julio is a leader in implementing cultural organizing tactics in the immigrant rights movement, and believes that we (undocumented people) should be leaders in documenting our history. He has a bachelors degree in journalism from California State University and is riding the bus because “[he] want[s] to make sure other folks know we have to come out and not be afraid.”

Website: www.facebook.com/julio.salgado.589


Ni Una Más by Julio Salgado