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No to Racial Profiling by Salvador Jimenez

Artist: Salvador Jimenez

Title: No to Racial Profiling

Description: The move from a rural town in México to a major metropolis in the United States has had a tremendous impact in my life. At first, art was merely a way of coping with the transition. My search for identity was frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t communicate effectively, due to my limited English, so art became my tool for self-expression.

My work is a combination of painting, photography, drawing, collage, sculpture, installation, graphic design, and found objects. In my work I document my journey to adapt to living in the United States, while looking back at what I left behind in México. The challenge of being bicultural and bilingual is that I live concurrently in two different worlds. Neither my adaptation to a foreign land nor the return to my motherland will ever be complete. Everywhere, I am a foreigner.

The content of my work is socio-political and is driven by my powerful life experiences. It deals with immigration, identity, culture, injustice, language, and religion. I have observed inequality, marginalization, discrimination, oppression, and racism in México, as well as in the United States. As an artist I feel I have the responsibility to address the issues that affect my community and to create awareness and propose actions through my art. I’m an artist and an activist that believes in the power of art.

Artist Bio: Since coming to the United States, Salvador Jiménez Flores has participated in and contributed to the Chicago art scene. His work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions in México and the USA in venues such as The National Museum of Mexican Art, Koehnline Museum of Art, Mexi-Arte Museum, Indianapolis Art Center, T he State Street Gallery, and Casa de la Cultura. He has shared his love of public art with youth from the Pilsen, Lawdale, and La Villita communities, resulting in works such as “T he Revival of the Struggle” at the Rauner Family YMCA, “Alternative Remedy” at Saint Anthony Hospital and the “Declaration of Immigration” at the Yollocalli building on 18th and Blue Island. Salvador’s work is also in the State Street Gallery collection and other private collections. He is currently working on his MFA in Drawing at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI.

Website: www.jimenezdesignart.com


No to Racila Profiling - Salvador Jimenez