#Not1More Deportation

We Will Not Be Divided – Kim Baglieri

Artist: Kim Baglieri

Title: We Will Not Be Divided

Description: Deportations, detentions and forced migration threatens to divide our communities. We will continue to organize our communities and build our strength and unity. Filipino youth say, “Not1More! We will not be divided!”

Bio: Kim Baglieri is a NY-based painter, media artist and educator whose work has been exhibited in community based and gallery settings. As a queer mixed-race Filipina, Kim’s work reclaims representations of women of color, asserting contradiction and complexity in identity. Her work looks at the intersection of culture, gender and spirituality.

Kim is also a community organizer with Ugnayan mga Anak ng Bayan and Damayan Migrant Workers Association, working with low-wage im/migrant Filipino youth and domestic workers. She aims to make cultural pieces accessible outside gallery walls and more relevant in people’s lives. Her banners, murals and media work have been used to support the Justice for Filipino American Veterans campaign and Baklas (Break Free) Anti-Trafficking campaign.

Kim is available for shows, community-art workshops and commissions.

Website: kimbaglieri.com


We Will Not Be Divided - Kim Baglieri