#Not1More Deportation

Carlos Castillo

Carlos Castillo

Carlos Castillo is a Peruvian that arrived in the United States three years go. In Peru, he studied mechanical engineering and worked part-time in a transportation company. He decided to take the risk of coming to the United States because he had the notion that this was the country of opportunity where there were more opportunities to grow. He never imagined that things would turn so grey. He worked in everything, in restaurants, washing cars, and now in construction.

This soon helped him realize that that a large percentage of society, especially immigrants, don’t have access to resources needed to get ahead. He realized that not many enjoy the privilege of having health a insurance or a good job—the most basic things needed to live.

He is participating in the fast as a member of Trabajadores Unidos de D.C. ( Day Labores)because he wants to support the movement to liberate the immigrant community. He says that we should not let the mistreatment and discrimination against our communities continue. Carlos believes that if we want to grow, we ourselves have to organize and move forward. For him, this is only a first step taking collectively towards advancing our rights.