#Not1More Deportation

ICE says, Suvivor of Domestic Violence has Credible Fear in Mexico: Free Grandma Luciana!

Luciana was released back home to her daughter and grandchildren! People power wins! Please go to notonemoredeportation.com to sign and support other grandparents, parents and children still in detention.

Luciana Hernandez Ocampo (A#077-785-541) fled Mexico 13 years ago after she was repeatedly and violently assaulted by her husband. ICE acknowledges that Luciana cannot safely return to Mexico: her petition of credible fear in Mexico was approved. Yet, Luciana is still behind bars after eight months, unable to see the children and grandchildren she has worked so hard to support.

Luciana was arrested in Arpaio’s workplace raid on Sportex Apparel. She is now facing deportation for working for a better life for her and her family.

Once the DREAM 9, nine activist DREAMers detained crossing back from Mexico, were approved for credible fear, ICE released all of them back to their families in the U.S. If ICE can release the DREAM 9, you can certainly allow this 52-year old grandma to return to her children.

Luciana’s family needs her home! Tell ICE to release Luciana from detention today!

To: Daniel Ragsdale, ICE Acting Director; Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, National ICE Public Advocate

I am writing to request that you immediately release Luciana Hernandez Ocampo (A#077-785-541). This week, an immigration judge approved Luciana’s petition of credible fear. As you know, she was a victim of repeated, violent assaults by her abusive husband. Luciana did what we would all do, crossing the border out of necessity, to protect the lives of her children. Now she cannot return to Mexico, and must be released back to her children and grandchildren in the U.S.

Luciana was arrested by Arpaio in a workplace raid, and has now spent eight months in jail and detention, all for trying to provide for her children and grandchildren. Arpaio’s raids were recently deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge, and therefore, charges stemming from them should not be considered by ICE.

Once an immigration judge approved the credible fear applications of the DREAM 9, nine activist DREAMers detained crossing back from Mexico, they were released back to their families in the U.S. If you can release the DREAM 9, you can certainly allow this 52-year old grandma to return home to her granddaughters.

Please let Luciana go, so she can be back home, with her family where she belongs. Working is not a crime.

I await your response.


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