#Not1More Deportation

Take Action to Stop Loving Father From Becoming A Victim of Enforcement!

Javier Jimenez Baez is a caring father of two U.S. citizen daughters and beloved husband who is currently detained and facing deportation.

Javier was arrested for a minor DUI in 2011.  After paying the necessary fine and taking a class on safe driving, his deportation case was closed.  In May of this year, out of no where, Javier received a letter from ICE saying he was ordered deported immediately. Wanting to do the right thing, Javier went to check-in at ICE, where he was taken into custody and deported that same day.

When President Obama announced the DAPA program last November, he also changed enforcement policies.  Before that, people with DUIs like Javier were not considered priority for deportation. Now, even though the relief we were promised has been stalled in the courts and the President has taken no further action to stop deportations, Javier and many others are victims of these enforcement changes.

Javier was caught while crossing the border in order to be with his family, and was re-criminalized in Operation Streamline.  He is now in U.S. Marshal custody in Nevada.  He will be transferred to ICE in December and could be deported again.

People with DUIs should not be priority for deportation! Javier has made amends and his family desperately needs him home!

Send an email to ICE to stop Javier’s deportation!

Read the email to ICE to reunite Javier with his family!

I am writing to ask you to stop the deportation of Javier Jiménez Báez (A# 076-664-106). Javier has two U.S. citizen daughters who desperately need their father home.
I am aware that Javier was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI in 2011, but his deportation case at the time was closed after he paid the appropriate fine and took a class on safe driving. He was ordered deported in May, despite no new developments in his case, and when he came to check in after his one-month stay, was immediately deported. Javier then returned to be with his family and is now in U.S. Marshal custody.
I am urging you to stop Javier’s deportation. Please ensure that he is able to return home to be with his family. People with DUIs who have made amends should not be prioritized for deportation!

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