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Single Mom of 4 Detained for Nearly a Year: Free Norma Now!

Update: Norma was released from detenti0n in early February, 2015, thanks to all the community support and pressure for her case.  While she was freed on bond, her deportation case continues.  Stay tuned for more ways you can support her and her family!

Norma Edith Bernal Gutierrez (A#096-219-590) has been detained in Eloy and away from her four children for almost a year.  Because of two prior deportations and two minor criminal charges resulting from doing what she had to do to care for her children, Norma is facing deportation and ICE is telling her she’s not eligible for bond until March. She has been racially profiled, processed through notorious Operation Streamline, and had to return back across the border twice in order to reunite with her children.

Julisa, 16, Alexis, 15, Christopher, 9, and Mariana, 2, are all U.S. citizens born in Phoenix, Arizona. Their mom is a single parent who has worked hard for 16 years to raise her children. She takes them to school, kisses them on the cheek, and tucks them in at night on her own. Without their mom or any parent to care for them, the children are suffering. Basic needs are falling by the wayside: they don’t have a stable place to live, their health insurance and food stamps have expired, and Julisa has started looking for a job so they can pay for food. Alexis is too stressed to focus on school and Christopher cries himself to sleep most nights.

Norma’s kids can’t wait another day without their mom home.  Check out this letter from her son on why he needs his mom home!. 

Heartbreaking Letter from 10-year-old Christopher to Phoenix ICE Director Jon Gurule

Take Action to Free Norma!

1. Sign the petition to free Norma

2. Make a call to ICE at 602-766-7030 and ask for Director Jon Gurule.  Demand that he let Norma go!

Read the email you are sending to ICE for Norma
To: Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, Deputy Assistant Director, Custody Programs; Jeh Johnson, DHS Secretary; Jon Gurule, Phoenix Field Office Director

I am writing to ask that you immediately release Norma Edith Bernal Gutierrez (A#096-219-590) and cancel her deportation. Norma is a single mom of 4 U.S. citizen children who have been forced to take care of themselves without her, and desperately need her home.

Norma has two prior deportations and two minor misdemeanors, for which she has already served her time, both resulting from doing what she had to do to care for her family. Norma has four children, all U.S. citizens born in Phoenix, Arizona: Julisa, 16; Alexis, 15; Christopher, 9; and Mariana, 2. The three oldest attend elementary and high school in Phoenix. Julisa is currently looking for work since they do not have any money to pay for food or doctors’ bills without their mother.

Leaving four children without a parent is cruel and inhumane. Please releaseNorma immediately.

I await your response.

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