#Not1More Deportation

Working is Not a Crime! Free Jose, Father of 3 and Victim of Arpaio’s Raids

Update: Jose was released on 6/10/13, thanks to your support!  Watch the video of his reunion with his family and long-delayed birthday party at http://bit.ly/JoseisFree


After fourteen years, living and working in Arizona, Jose Mejia Rodriguez  (A#205-587-553) was arrested in Arpaio’s workplace raid on Sonoran Concrete on 10/18/12. He has been in custody for 8 months now, away from his wife and 3 U.S. citizen children.

He could be deported on Monday, all for working to give his family a better life.  

Maria Jose, his wife, says, “My life used to be bright, now it’s so dark that he is not with it.”  She hid the reality of the situation from her children because she knew it would be devastating for  them.  She told them he was working out of town for months, but as Jose’s birthday came closer, her kids couldn’t stand the thought of missing out on celebrating with their dad.  She told them the truth, and ever since then, not a day goes by that Alejandra, Jose Julian, and Brian don’t cry for their dad to come home so they can be a family again. Maria Jose says, “They don’t understand why he is in jail, when he was only working to give them a better life.”

Sign the petition to bring Jose home and close his deportation case!  

Arpaio’s workplace raids were recently ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge, yet Jose is still behind bars, away from his family, and facing deportation.  Tell ICE that working is not a crime!