#Not1More Deportation

In Boston, Roger Was Pulled Over for Stealing His Own Car

Roger Tabora Martinez (A# 098400252) has lived in Springfield with his family for 9 years. He traveled to the U.S. to escape poverty and extreme violence in his community in Honduras, and to be able to support his family.

On February 18, 2013 Roger was traveling to the store with his U.S. citizen wife, they were stopped by a state police officer who told them there was a warrant out for the car. The owner of the car, Roger’s wife, told the officer that this was not true, but the he proceeded to ask both for their identification, and question them about their citizenship. After checking their information, he returned to tell them he would be taking Mr. Tabora Martinez into custody.

Roger is a dedicated husband, and father to his U.S. citizen wife and step-son, and his family in Honduras. He has no criminal record, is an active member of the community, and wants to remain in the country he considers home with his family. 

He was detained by the police officer only for a past immigration order that Roger was not even aware of, from nine years ago when he first entered the U.S..  Please support Roger and his family by signing the petition below.


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Roger Tabora Martinez