#Not1More Deportation

Jose Gomez: Alabama Day Laborer, Pulled Over as Designated Driver

Jose was the designated driver taking his friends home, when a police officer pulled him over. When the police officer found out he was undocumented, Jose was placed in deportation proceedings. He has been fighting his deportation since 2004, and has a final order of removal. His court date is on April 4th. 

Jose’s wife, Makayla, is a U.S. citizen and suffers from anxiety attacks, making the support of Jose crucial to her well-being. Jose also provides economic support for her sister and his nephew.

Due to poor advice and filing of his paperwork by his lawyer to resolve his situation with ICE, Jose has been going in and out of immigration court for almost 10 years. He has a final order of removal, and a court date for April 4th.

Jose belongs with his family and his community. Please sign the petition below today, and consider making a call:

1. Call Scott Sutterfield, Acting Louisiana Field Office Director, (504) 599-7868.
2. Call ICE Director John Morton, 202-732-3000


Suggested script: “I am calling in support of f Jose Gomez (A# 096439827). Mr. Gomez is a day laborer from Alabama who was pulled over due to racial profiling, and placed in deportation proceedings. His US citizen wife and family need him. He has no criminal record, and should be considered low priority. Please use discretion and stop his deportation”

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Jose Gomez: Alabama day laborer