#Not1More Deportation

Loving Father of Five to be Deported for Expired Vehicle Registration: Stop Separating Families!

Update: Martin was granted a stay of removal, thanks to all of your support!  Please stay tuned for updates about his case.

Since coming to the U.S. 10 years ago, Martin Ixehuatl-Almonte (A#089813572) has been a dedicated father. He has always encouraged his five little ones to read, and they dream of one day attending college. However, Martin may not be able to see his children fulfill their dreams.

Most people would pay a small fine for an expired vehicle registration; Martin was detained in Eloy for 2 months. Then, with no other criminal charges and no prior deportationsICE ordered Martin to self-deport. He stayed home, refusing to abandon his children, and now could be deported at any time.

Martin’s children, Antonio, 11, Angeles, 10, Anaye, 9, Andres, 7, and Andrea, 5, are all U.S. citizens. They are applying for the gifted and talented program at their school, study piano with a private teacher, and sing in the Phoenix Children’s Choir. They also volunteer with their dad with an organization for children who have lost their parents to deportation, and live in fear of becoming a father-less family themselves.

Tell ICE to stop separating families! Stop the deportation of Martin Ixehuatl-Almonte! 

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