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Alternative Title: For Those Who Celebrate the Victory But Condemn the Tactics. It's been nearly four years since President Obama's speech at NCLR was interrupted with chants of "Yes you can!" and just over a year since Ju Hong forced the President to turn around to address his shouts from the bandstand behind him. Since then, the interruptions became common place. Disrupting the President's rhetoric and inserting reality into his publicity events. Read more

Destructive Delay Cover

Destructive Delay, written by Tania Unzueta and co-authored by B. Loewe, illuminates the inhumane interior Immigration and Customs Enforcement practices that continue unabated while the President postpones action and it highlights the human cost of the delay. The key findings shed light on an agency driven by one calculated mission, to meet a draconian deportation quota, regardless of the costs to public safety, institutional integrity, moral or constitutional considerations.

Through almost three dozen interviews with front-line organizers, legal experts, and people in deportation proceedings, Destructive Delay collects previously disparate and disconnected stories of the lived experience of ICE enforcement activity into a single document. The report provides real-life context for the rhetoric of the debate and gives an inside look into how immigration policy is actually working on the ground.